San Antonio Web Development & Custom Programming

At Widgets and Burritos, we believe you should be able to trust your web developer. So we created a San Antonio web development company that values experience and affordability, but most of all, dependability. We’re passionate about making websites functional, while maintaining their visual appeal. We work closely with web design companies, marketing firms and advertising agencies to bridge the gap between brilliant marketing ideas and practical implementation. Whether you’re a business needing a company website, or an agency needing a hand with your development projects, we can handle your web development essentials.

Though we’re headquartered in the heart of downtown San Antonio, we have clients from around the country who value our web solutions. Standards-based development, cross-browser consistency, database-driven websites, content management systems, e-commerce and third-party API integration are just a few of the services we provide. We are familiar with many different software packages, but can also build a fully customized website that meets your project requirements.

Is your site SEO-friendly?

If your website doesn’t show up on the first page of Google, potential customers might never even find you. Poor construction is often one of the major factors preventing your website from performing well in search engine rankings, and we can help fix that. We’ll work with you to provide on-site optimization that can help your website get out of its own way. To help your customers find your site, start with our ground-up SEO development approach. This method will save you from having to pay someone else to fix your code down the road.

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